Teenage girl in labour dies for lack of "proper" medical attention

UDAYAPUR: A pregnant teenager lost her life trying to deliver an abnormally positioned baby that could have been delivered through an operation at a well equipped medical facility, officials said.

Nineteen-year-old Shamjana Rai of Belka Municipality in Udayapur breathed her last while en route to a local birthing centre on Monday.

"Rai's husband was seeking financial assistance from villagers for medical bills. Meanwhile, she was being taken to the health centre. But she died on the way unable to deliver her baby," Rai's neighbour said.

Earlier, a health professional at the centre had suggested Rai to seek medical attention in a bigger medical facility as her fetus was abnormally positioned.

"Her family could not afford a surgery and she was not taken to a proper medical facility," Belka Mayor Durga Thapa informed.

According to locals, Rai wouldn't have died at such a young age if she hadn't been deprived of medical attention at a well equipped hospital. Mayor Thapa said that few pregnant women lose their lives annually for lack of good medical facilities in the region.

"We are mulling to add to existing infrastructures and skilled health workers at the health centre for safe delivery services," Thapa said.

According to Thapa, the deceased's family have been provided Rs 10,000 as financial assistance, following her death.