Test for virus to start in Pokhara

Pokhara, March 31

With the arrival of Polymerase Chain Reaction machine in Pokhara, Gandaki provincial government is set to conduct coronavirus test in the province itself.

The PCR machine, which was brought from china, was airlifted to Pokhara in a chopper today. A team of technicians has also been sent to Pokhara to install the machine and carry out tests. Two technicians will carry out the tests for three months.

Gandaki Province Health Director Dr Binod Bindu Sharma informed that the newly installed machine could test 15 samples at a time.

Pokhara Health and Science Institution has PCR machine, but it is out of order.

Preparations are under way to bring the dysfunctional machine into operation.

Province-based Corona Control Coordination Committee Coordinator and Finance Minister Kiran Gurung said the government had given a positive message to the people by installing the new machine.