Textbook crunch hits Doti students

DOTI: Schools of Doti are facing a crunch of textbooks even it is already one and half months through with the new academic session.

Mandhir Singh Thagunna, Principal at the Khadyadi Higher Secondary School, Chabarachautara, said the students could not get textbooks even after more than a month since commencement of the new academic year.

The community school students of Grade 6 and 7 are yet to receive the textbooks, teachers said, while students in Grade 9 and 10 have not received textbooks for subjects including mathematics, education and English.

However, Doti District Education Officer Basanta Kumar Khatri claimed that every school in the district was provided with enough educational materials for this session.

He also stated that except few subjects, curricula of other subjects were the same. Hence, “students can use the old books as well.”

Prakash Chand, Principal of Shivaji Secondary School, however, informed that the old books would not suffice the needs as the number of students had increased this year.