Textbooks in short supply

Jajarkot, September 19:

Sounds strange, but it’s true. Thousands of ninth and tenth-graders of this district have been forced to sit for exams without having a glimpse of their textbooks.

The new academic session began five months ago, but textbooks have not arrived in Jajarkot district in required number, students and teachers said in unison.

Textbooks of grade III, IX and X were revised this year.

There are around 5,000 ninth and tenth-graders in the district, teachers said. Half of the students studying in grade IX and X have not got textbooks yet.

The dearth of textbooks has affected students, said teachers. Supply of textbooks has been delayed because of delay on the part of Sajha Publications in printing books, book dealers charged.

However, students and guardians said indifference on the part of book dealers, District Education Office and Sajha Publications was to blame for the shortage of textbooks.