Saptari leaders on voters-thanking-marathon despite dipping temperature

RAJBIRAJ: Newly elected Members of Federal Parliament and Members of Provincial Assembly from Saptari district have been going door-to-door thanking the voters in their constituencies, despite an increasing cold in the area.

Newly elected Member of Federal Parliament and President of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Upendra Yadav, along with Shailendra Sah, member-elect of the Provincial Assembly 2 (Ka) from the same party and Manish Suman from 2 (Kha), General Secretary of Rastriya Janata Party have visited the Saptari households to thank the voters.

President of Federal Socialist Forum Upendra Yadav, who visited Chhinnamasta Rural Municipality in Saptari on Monday said, "We are here to see and thank the voters without giving heed to the cold weather."

 Yadav was elected after winning by 10,000 votes against left alliance Candidate Umesh Yadav . Along with Yadav, Polit bureau member of Maoist Centre Umesh Kumar Yadav, has visited the voters.

Despite a defeat, Yadav has expressed his commitment to support citizens of the region and to continue his efforts towards development of the district.