Thapa’s analysis: King has reached lose-lose situation

Kathmandu, November 29:

Former prime minister and chairman of the Rastriya Janashakti Party, Surya Bahadur Thapa, today suggested the ruling establishment to immediately utilise the recent “drastic political development” as an opportunity towards peace before the situation goes ‘out of hand’.

“History has repeated,” Thapa today warned saying: “Nowadays, one can feel the tell-tale symptoms, which were witnessed in the run-up to the 1990 historic political change,” he said suggesting the government to “open its eyes, if not for itself, for the nation and the people” before it is too late. “The ruling establishment, which is isolated from all sections, including the international community, should not waste a single day now.” “If there is anyone who would lose, it is the King,” he warned.

Thapa labelled the understanding reached between the seven-party alliance and the Maoists as a “radical development”. He said that the country’s politics was taking a new turn. “The parties were compelled to make the understanding with the Maoists after the government turned a deaf ear towards them.” He, however, reiterated that the situation could go out of control from both the government and the agitating parties if this situation is further protracted.

“Now that,” he said, “Solution should be sought from the recent development. And this is the only alternative left with us.”

Addressing a two-day meeting of party’s district presidents in Kathmandu, an aggressive former prime minister Thapa emphasised that the government has two challenges ahead — to restore peace and democracy” rather than launching an onslaught on the media. He lambasted the government for making “guerrilla attacks” on the media as a vengeance towards the international community and the political parties. He also suggested the government to come out of its “psychological problem.”

“Anyone who attacks media becomes a loser,” Thapa said referring to the government’s raid on Sagarmatha FM. “Leave all minor things aside and focus on the real issue — peace and democracy,” he suggested his “friends” in power.

He ridiculed the ministers for frequently using the term “double-standard” without knowing its real meaning. “I don’t understand why are they using it.”

Referring to the understanding between the parties and the Maoists, Thapa said that this situation would not have come had the government “heeded” to previous suggestions. “Had the government and the parties made an alliance, the situation would have been much better.