Kathmandu, September 6 Opposing yesterday’s three-party deal, Tarai-Madhes based parties announced boycott of the Constituent Assembly. Tharuhat Tarai Party Nepal (TTPN) today decided to boycott the entire process of the Constituent Assembly accusing the three-party ‘syndicate’ of ignoring the voices being raised by agitators in different parts of the country demanding appropriate demarcation of Pradeshes. Leader of the parliamentary party of TTPN Gopal Dahit said his party now has no option but to further strengthen the ongoing struggle. In a press statement, TTPN Chair Bhanuram Tharu said the three parties had breached the earlier agreement signed with agitating parties by demarcating the Pradeshes arbitrarily, splitting the clusters of Tharu, Madhesi and Magarat and thereby denying their identity and rights. Tharu said his party has decided to boycott the CA until the authorities assure that their logical demands and issues will be addressed. The party has two CA members — Gopal Dahit and Ganga Chaudhary Satgauwa — who is also Chairperson of Legislation Committee of the Parliament. Similarly, the only CA member of Federal Democratic National Forum-Tharuhat, Rukmini Chaudhary said she has been boycotting the CA meetings lately. She also said she would boycott the CA but at the same time also registered an amendment bill on the draft constitution yesterday. As soon as the three major parties agreed on the remaining issues of the constitution without addressing the issues raised by Madhesi, Tharu and other indigenous nationalities yesterday, the meeting of the Federal Democratic Alliance led by Chairman of MJF-Democratic Bijay Kumar Gachhadar decided to boycott the CA. Jha withdraws support to govt KATHMANDU: Independent CA member Chandreswor Jha, who was elected from Mahottari Constituency No 4, on Sunday said he had withdrawn his support to the government and had also decided to boycott the CA. Talking with this daily, Jha said he eagerly waited till Saturday to see the demands of agitators in Tarai being addressed. “They didn’t  even invite protesters for talks,” he said, adding that he was waiting to meet the prime minister for the last two weeks to talk about the struggle in Madhes, but to no avail.