There is no turning back after leftist unification says Dahal

BHARATPUR: The CPN-Maoist Centre Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal has asserted that there is no turning back after the leftist parties are formally unified after the upcoming elections.

Addressing an election rally organised by the leftist alliance in Bharatpur-18, for the upcoming polls, Dahal urged all the cadres to be assured of party's unification after the elections.

"We have moved forward by breaking old bridges, there is no turning back, on one should refrain from the party unification. If the leftist fails to merge after elections. Me including KP Oli and Madhav Kumar Nepal will die of shame," Dahal shared.

"We have forged electoral alliance only after forming a party unification coordination committee", Dahal added.

"I don't have habit of doing any work at snail pace. Me and KP Oli are of same charter of doing wished things promptly. We have forged consensus on many issues. We are united for paving a way forward for establishing Socialism in the nation," Dahal asserted.

"Common election manifesto and common candidates hold a significant meaning,"Dahal added referring to the recent joint statement.

He also said that the leftist unification is not just about the UML and Maoist Centre its about the country's economic prosperity and future of coming generations.

Former PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal is contesting from Leftist Alliance for the House of Representatives in the upcoming elections from Chitwan-3.

Bikram Pandey from the Democratic Alliance is vying against Dahal for the seat in the Parliament.

As per the Constitutional requirement, Nepal should hold all level of elections by January 21 for the implementation of Constitution and federalism in the nation.

Nepal is holding its first phase of House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections in 32 districts on November 26 and the second phase of the remaining districts on December 10.

Earlier, the local level elections CPN-Maoist Centre had forged an electoral alliance with the Nepali Congress.