Three members of a family living with disability

Bara, December 1

Three persons of a family are living with physical disability at Jaitapur market of Jitpur Simara sub-metropolis, Bara.

Local Manchan Teli’s two sons and wife are physically-challenged. Head of the family Manchan alone is physically fit. Teli’s sons Bharat, 16 and Shyam, 12, are disabled. They cannot even talk. Teli’s wife Dina has been supporting Teli despite being physically-challenged herself.

Teli wants to take his sons to the hospital for treatment. However, he doesn’t have enough money. He said social security allowance provided by the government had been of great help to the family.

Teli leaves his wife to take care of their two sons at the shanty in Jaitapur market and goes to the village to sell vegetables. He buys vegetables from Kalaiya bazaar and sells them in the village.

“I have neither been able to provide treatment for my sons nor have I been able to send them to school,” Manchan bemoaned. He has rented a land to built a hut in the bazaar for which he pays Rs 400 to market management committee on a monthly basis.

Their hut is also in a dilapidated condition. Hailstones and heavy rain in the summer and freezing cold in the winter give the family a hard time. They do not have quilt and mattresses to save themselves from the cold. Bharat and Shyam have never gone to school although a school is just 100 metres away from their house.

Jitpur Simara Ward no 7 chair Nabaraj Khadka said that he would take an initiative to offer help to Manchan. He appealed to all and sundry to offer assistance to the helpless family.