Three Nepali Americans contesting USA mid-term election

WASHINGTON: Three Americans of Nepali origin will be contesting in the mid-term elections of United States of America being held on November 6.

On that day, election will take place for all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives and 33 seats in the Senate, 36 seats of Governor, State Senate among others.

Harry Bhandari from Maryland, Madalasa Gurung from New Hampsphire and Pradeep Dhakal from Virginia will be trying their luck in the election.

In USA, the House of Representatives and the Senate work together to write and pass laws. The upcoming mid-term election will determine which party would assert its dominance in the Senate and Congress.

Bhandari, representing Maryland District, has filed his candidacy for the House of Delegates from the Democratic Party. He had won in the inter-party election held in June this year, securing 5,941 votes.

Altogether three candidates will be elected to the House of Delegates from this district Bhandari is contesting.

Amidst the public engagement in his locality for attracting votes in the upcoming election, Bhandari, told RSS, "We are in a good position. The November 6 election will reflect how the voters will accept our presence here."

There were altogether 80,000 voters in the district 8, according to Bhandari.

Likewise, Madalasa Gurung is contesting in State Representatives from Democrat Party in New Hampshire. The area from where Gurung is contesting has been enjoying dominance of Republican with slim presence of the Democrats.

Similarly, Dhakal contesting from Virginia does not represent any political party and his candidacy is for a position in the local unit.

Dr Shyam Karki, who is lobbying on the behalf of Dhakal, said, "Dhakal's win in the upcoming mid-term election will open the door for the Nepali Americans’ assimilation in the American politics."

There are around 200 households of Americans of the Nepali origin in Maryland which accounts for estimated 300 votes, according to Tarun Poudel, a Nepali American in Maryland.