Three one-horned rhinos to be gifted to China taken under control

CHITWAN: Three one-horned rhinos out of four have been taken under control and placed at pit buma at Chitwan National Park, in Chitwan, on Thursday, CNP official said.

The government of Nepal is gifting these rare species to neighbouring China.

Two female rhinos were taken under control at Shukibhar area in the western sector of the CNP whereas one male rhino was taken under control from Devital area in the park.

Meanwhile, the other male rhino which was swept away by the river, has been rescued and kept at Sauraha.

According to CNP conservation and information assistant officer Narendra Aryal, the officials had tried to take these rhinos under control since Friday.

He further said that the Chinese officials were also involved in the act of capturing the rhinos to better understand their behaviour, movement, among other aspects.

"It was a herculean task for the CNP officials separating these rhino calves from their mother as they have spent four years with her," Aryal added.

Meanwhile, the three rhinos have been kept at pit buma in Sauraha, and all these rhinos are said to be two-years-old, Aryal shared.

After keeping these rhinos in pit buma for three months, they will be sent to China, Aryal said.