Three persons booked for graft

Kathmandu, September 6

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority today filed a charge-sheet at the Special Court against three individuals for causing loss to the government with a mala-fide intention to serve vested interests of individuals.

Those arrested have been identified as Hariram Bhandari, Keshav Bahadur Basent and Kumar Prasad Timilsina. According to the CIAA, Bhandari, headmaster of Shree Sulakshana Secondary School in Bidur Municipality-9 of Nuwakot district, was on a leave without pay for three years and he left the country to join employment in Malaysia during that period. “He had taken leave to derive undue benefit from the government and was found to have destroyed all documents when he was serving as the headmaster of the school,” said a press released issued by the anti-graft body.

Basnet, acting headmaster of the school, and school inspector Timilsina colluded to prepare unauthorised documents and recommended the district education officer and Teacher Record Office to provide Bhandari with perks and pension as per the rules.

The CIAA has sough recovery of Rs 24,000 from Bhandari along with a fine equivalent to the same amount, under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2002. If Bhandari is convicted, he will be sentenced to maximum of three months in jail, along with fine of Rs 25,000. The anti-graft body said it had sought the same degree of punishment against Basnet and Timilsina.

The constitutional body has warned that the tendency of submitting fake academic credentials, teaching licences and citizenship certificates for joining government service, getting promotion and receiving government facilities was on the rise. Most of the employees submitting fake credentials were school teachers and police personnel. Statistics provided by the CIAA showed that it had dealt with 1,106 cases of fake documents following its establishment in 1991.