TI Nepal concerned over purposed lifelong facilities to ex-VIPs

KATHMANDU: The Transparency International Nepal has stated its serious attention was drawn to the news carried by the media that the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has directed the Ministry of Home Affairs to bring a proposal regarding providing lifelong facilities to the former President and Vice President, former Prime Ministers, former Chief Justices and the former Speakers.

The TI Nepal, in a press release on Sunday, said the move by the government to provide the lifelong facilities as vehicles, fuel, chauffeur and expenses for their private secretariat to the former VIPs was ill-timed and insensitive as the country's economy was very weak due to the undeclared border blockade and the April 25 devastating Gorkha Earthquake, and when the people are in great suffering.

It said that provision of such lifetime facilities to the former VIPs would entail a large amount of expenses from the state coffers and most of the people who are included in the list of individuals to receive facilities from the State are either drawing pension or are holding political offices.

In this context, the TI Nepal urges the Government of Nepal to be serious on the issue and strongly calls on it to put on hold the decision regarding providing services and facilities beyond the means of the State that has been currently proposed, keeping the national welfare above the vested interests