Tiger claims 2nd victim in Kavre

BANEPA: Even as Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal inaugurated a conference to save the tiger, comes the news of a tiger claiming another human victim in Kavre.

According to Maite Tamang, a tiger attacked and dragged away his five year old daughter Dolmu Tamang while she was playing in her garden at Khola Dada of Nasikasthan-7, Kavre on Monday at 5 pm. Locals organised a search party in the hope of finding her alive but their hopes were dashed when they found her body.

The incident comes on the heels of a similar attack, again in Kavre on Sunday night.

Smirti Tamang was killed by a tiger in the same village at Kafal Danda. Locals informed that the tiger has killed 20 cows, over 15 goats and six children in the area. They complained that the administration has turned a deaf ear to their problems.