Toilets are still a luxury for Majhi community

Sindhupalchowk, March 28:

Only two of nearly 150 households in a Majhi settlement at Sangachowk VDC-8 and 9 in the district have toilets in their homes. To add to it, the Majhi community was yet to realise the need for toilets.

The Majhis say they have been going to nearby rivers and streams to answer nature’s call. However, they take their guests to one of the two toilets in their settlement.

Only Sushil Majhi of Ward No 9 and Bir Bahadur Majhi of Ward No 8 have constructed toilets in their homes. The duo built the toilets only last year.

“Apart from these two, other Majhis don’t have toilets in their homes,” Bhola Niraula, a local teacher, said.

Khika Majhi, a local, said they had been going to nearby streams to answer nature’s

call. “Why would we need to build toilets when we are managing in traditional ways,” she wondered. She, however, said they had not been able to build toilets because of the lack of funds.

The Majhis, who make their living by fishing in nearby rivers, say building toilets was a luxury for them, as they have been facing difficulties to earn their living.

“We have not been able to plant crops in our land because of the lack of irrigation,” they said. Even their traditional occupation of fishing is at risk nowadays.

“The Majhis can’t afford to build toilets, as their main concern is on managing their square meals,” Niraula said.

“Though we are managing without toilets, we have to face difficulties when we have visitors at our homes,” another local, Dhanmaya Majhi, said.

Ganesh Majhi, a teacher from the local Majhi community, said he was thinking of constructing a toilet in his home.

Though a toilet was built at the local Indrawati Primary School last year, it remains mostly closed.

“As the Majhi students don’t have the habit of using toilets, they don’t use the toilet in the school,” Niraula added.