Traders disrupt work at Biratnagar customs

Biratnagar, September 22:

Entrepreneurs today halted import and export through the Biratnagar customs point for two hours, as per the pre-announced protest programme of the Federation of Nepal Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI).

Busniessmen affiliated to the Morang Trade Association (MTA) and Industries Association of Morang held a protest meeting at the main gate of the Biratnagar customs point, urging the Maoists and the government to create a safe environment for entrepreneurs to run industries and business smoothly.

The Customs Agents’ Association (CAA) also expressed solidarity with entrepreneurs’ agitation, CAA chairman Prabin Joshi said.

Revenue collection at the customs point was affected due to the traders’ stir. On any normal

day, the customs point collects about Rs 15 million in revenue. AnFNCCI member, Kishor Pradhan, said the entrepreneurs will continue their stir until their security is ensured and Maoists stop abductions and forcible collection of donation.

The MTA acting chairman, Mahesh Jaju, said the entrepreneurs have launched a phase-wise agitation as per the decision made during the FNCCI’s national meet in Birgunj.