BHOJPUR: With the widespread use of modern technology, some traditional Nepali tools are struggling with their continuity in recent times.

Traditional tools like Janto, Dhiki commonly used for pounding and grinding and Kol, used to extract oil from various seeds, are on the verge of extinction even in rural areas of Nepal.

One of the locals of Bhojpur, Sita Karki said, "It is very hard to find traditional dhiki and janto in villages as they are replaced after the installation of modern machines in the mills in the area." "Who will run these tools, then?" she even questioned.

Diesel and electric engine mills are faster and easier to operate than traditional equipment, luring locals towards modern technology, according to Krishna Bahadur Ale Magar of Arun Rural Municipality in the district.

Likewise, Kajiman Rai of Pauwadumba Rural Municipality echoed that these modern mills have saved their time and energy.

Chet Nath Gautam, senior officer at the Cottage and Small Industries Development Committee Bhojpur, said, "With the advent of modern technology after electrification in the villages, traditional Nepali tools are being displaced slowly and surely."

"We can find these traditional tools in few houses in the area but not in practice," Yasodha Karki of Bhojpur Municipality-12 lamented.

Meanwhile, there are at least 182 modern mills operating in the district.