Trafficking in guise of job lure to Malaysia

ITAHARI: With a lure of good job in alien land, brokers allegedly trafficked three women and a 14-year-old girl of Sunsari and sold them off during Tihar.

The four of Dumraha VDC — Balika Magar, 27, Chhatra Maya Magar,

18, Buniya Rai, 14, and Sukani Urab, 17 — all of Ward No 3, fell victim on October 15, a day before the first day of Tihar, family members said.

Among them, Balika is a mother of three while others are unmarried.

“According to our information, the women could not resist the lure of good jobs with heavy pay packet in Malaysia. They were sold in India,” alleged Bir Bahadur, Balika’s husband.

A migrant worker in India, he recently came to Nepal upon receiving the message. They were promised a job each paying Rs 12,000 monthly. The agents reportedly took them to India via Kakarbhitta checkpoint.

Next of kin of the victims are worried that all those sold might be taken to brothels. “Villagers informed me that my wife was in the village till the morning on October 15. But I couldn’t establish contact with her since then,” Bir Bahadur said, “Later, I was informed that she was sold in India.”

Chhatramaya’s brother Rajesh said some youths were also tempting her sister with a good boy to marry. Buniya’s father Pitamber demands immediate

arrest of the criminals

and early search of his daughter. “The same gang sold three girls of the village to India some time back,” he claimed.

To turn the knife in the wound, the relatives’

attempt to file complaint at Sunsari District Police Office for the past four days have not been successful.

“The police is not registering our complaint saying that there was no one to do the duty due to Tihar festival,” Pitambar said, adding, “Now, where can we go for justice?”

“As the office is closed, we could not register

the complaint,”said

Israil Ansari, inspector, Sunsari DPO. “We’ve

called them tomorrow

for the purpose.”