Transparency sought in budget distribution

Hetauda, August 16

Province 3 Chief Minister Dormani Poudel today said that the way the budget was prepared should be changed.

Speaking at an interaction on ‘How to Run National Level and Province Level Plans in the Days Ahead’ at the Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers today, CM Poudel said that budget distribution should be visible. Instead of scattering it under nitty-gritty headings, it should be concrete and allotted on the basis of necessity and priority.

Province 3 Speaker Sanu Kumar Shrestha said both the federal and provincial governments were distributing the budget following the manner of rural municipalities and municipalities in the past.

Province 3 Economic Affairs and Planning Minister Kailash Dhungel, Industry, Environment Tourism and Forest Minister Arun Nepal, Internal Affairs and Law Minister Shalik Ram Jamkattel, Chief Secretary Ananda Ram Dhungana, and secretaries of different ministries were also present at the interaction.