Transport entrepreneurs backing syndicate halt services today

KATHMANDU: Transport entrepreneurs in support of the syndicate and against the government's move to break the system have halted operation of vehicles across the country today, which has affected people travelling in public vehicles.

The protest was called by the Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Association (FNNTEA). The entrepreneurs supporting the protest have demanded cancellation of the recently issued Transport Management Directive that looks to breaking the syndicate and other monopoly of transport entrepreneurs. The FNNTEA argued that the Directive was brought in place without consulting them.

Passengers are seen around the capital city, in large numbers, waiting for vehicles. Buses rented by schools did not operate on Friday which left the students and their guardians in a lurch. The decision of the transport committees to carry out the protest against the government decision has left the general public in a fix.

Meanwhile, other transport entrepreneurs who are not associated with the FNNTEA have showed their readiness to operate vehicles if the government would provide security.

Buses of transport companies including Sajha Yatayat, Mayur Yatayat, Annapurna Yatayat among others, who have supported the government's move against the monopoly of transport entrepreneurs, have been sighted on the roads carrying passengers despite the protest.