Transport entrepreneurs challenge DAO

Okhaldhunga, June 2

Transport Entrepreneurs have been charging passengers arbitrarily in defiance of the new transport fare fixed by District Administration Office, Okhaldhunga.

Entrepreneurs have overcharged passengers and challengied the DAO by charging the old fare. The DAO had fixed bus fare of Rs 700 from Okhaldhunga to Kathmandu and Rs 1,000 fare for Jeep; Rs 400 from Okhaldhunga to Katari for bus and Rs 600 for Jeep.

However, the entrepreneurs have been charging passengers the old fare Rs 875 to Kathmandu, Rs 1,300 of jeep and Rs 500 bus fare from Okhaldhunga to Katari and Rs 800 fare for Jeep.

It is said the DAO had also fixed the fare for 48 routes in the district, but the entrepreneurs have ignored the new fare fixed by DAO.

The DAO said that the new fare rate was fixed after a meeting held on May 24 effective from May 29.

Transport entrepreneurs said the DAO had fixed the new fare rate without consulting them.

Chief District Officer Eak Dev Adhikari said that his office has requested the entrepreneurs to take the fare fixed by the DAO. “We will be compelled to take action against entrepreneurs if passengers are charged the old fare,” he said.