Transport halted in Umakunda

Ramechhap, June 26

Locals of Umakunda Rural Municipality have been facing problems due to obstruction of transportation service in the northern part of Ramechhap for the last one month.

Transportation has been obstructed on the road that connects the rural municipality with other parts of the district since the third week of May. The villagers of the rural municipality are compelled to walk through muddy and slippery road with the rainy season getting under way.

A local of Umakunda Rural Municipality, Karna Bahadur Sunuwar, said villagers were compelled to walk for two days to reach district headquarters Manthali.  He added that elderly citizens, children, women and patients had been hit hard due to the obstruction.

Locals said they got regular transportation service only during winter in Bamti, Gumdel, Kubhukasthali, Preeti, Bhuji and Gupteshwor, among other places of the rural municipality.

Phurba Sherpa of Gumdel said that transportation service came to a halt in the entire rural municipality during rainy season due to poor condition of the roads. Sherpa said that no one has yet taken initiative to repair and upgrade the roads which were constructed 15 years ago.

Meanwhile, Ward No 3 Chair Ramesh Sunuwar said villagers were facing problems as transportation service had come to a halt with the beginning of monsoon.