Transport strike in Dharan tomorrow

Dharan, July 22:

Transport workers today called for a transportation strike in Dharan tomorrow as students and representatives of the Purbanchal Campus administration did not show up for talks.

The transport workers have called on the people of Dharan not to ply vehicles inside the Bazaar area tomorrow.

The transport workers and campus students had clashed yesterday after the driver of a bus didn’t stop the bus at the campus gate as signalled by the students. Fifteen students, two university teachers, and four transport workers were injured in the clash. Traffic has come to a halt following the clash. Almost 500 vehicles have been stranded in Dharan.

Two meetings held between students, representatives of the campus administration and transport workers and police immediately after the incident ended inconclusively. Following yesterday’s meeting, the workers and students pelted stones at each other. Ten vehicles were damaged in the incident. Hoarding board of the campus, campus gate and residential quarters of the lecturers were vandalised.

Though an agreement to hold dialogue today and sort out the matter was reached between the parties concerned, the students and campus administration did not show up for the meeting, zonal secretary of the Nepal Transport Free Workers’ Union, Bhim Rai ‘Jwala’ said. A meeting between students, chiefs of all campuses of Dharan, security chiefs and transport workers has been scheduled for Monday, he said. The transport workers have demanded that they be provided money for the maintenace of damaged vehicles and busfare be fixed. They have also demanded compensation, treatment and security for the injured workers.

Meanwhile, a scuffle ensued in Itahari between students and transport workers on the matter.