Transportation in 4 districts hampered due to Dhankuta protests

BHOJPUR: Travellers from Bhojpur going to Dharan have been delayed in reaching their destination due to the on-going protests demanding Dhankuta as the temporary provincial headquarters of Province 1.

Due to the protests, travellers from four districts including Bhojpur have been stranded or delayed in their journey. The travellers have been suffering due to constant bandhs in Dhankuta.

Transport entrepreneurs said that despite the police allowing vehicles to travel toward their destinations during the night, the vehicles have not been able to come into normal operation yet.

Jeevan Karki, a traveller who had left for Bhojpur from Dharan on Wednesday morning says, “We came to know about the bandh only after reaching Bhedetar due to which the vehicle did not move until the evening. When the bus was allowed to move, with a great speed it arrived at Horde, but we were able to reach Bhojpur only around 2 am on Friday morning.”

Many other travellers moving in and out of Bhojpur are facing similar problems.

Due to the protests in Dhankuta, day to day lives in Bhojpur, Sankhuwasabha, Terhathum, and Dhankuta have been adversely affected. These districts have been directly affected by the on-going protests because vehicles carrying passengers and goods from all these districts have to pass through Dhankuta.

Locals have been protesting for long now demanding for Dhankuta to be made the temporary provincial headquarters of Province 1. United Bus Entrepreneurs’ Association (Samyukta Bus Byawasayi Sangh), Bhojpur stated that the transportation entrepreneurs have been most affected by the on-going protests and the obstruction in vehicle movements.

The entrepreneurs have shared that they are facing a huge loss as their vehicles have been parked in the bus parks unable to generate any profits. Booking in-charge Mahesh Rai informed that some buses departed toward Dharan at their own risk even when the buses were not in operation as per the listed time schedule.