TRC, CIED jobless for want of laws

KATHMANDU: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Commission on Inquiry into Enforced Disappearances (CIED) are yet to deliver full-fledged works in the absence of their regulations.

The twin commissions were established around 11 months ago to deal with cases of the Maoist insurgency period.

Although the regulations were submitted to the Cabinet for their approval, they are yet to be approved due to differences among various political parties.

Concerned authorities at the meeting of Social Justice and Human Rights Committee under the Legislature-Parliament today said that the transitional justice mechanisms were waiting for the approval of the regulations to discharge their assignments.

Speaking at the meeting, CIED Chairman Lokendra Mallik said that they are waiting for the regulations to take action against the guilty of crimes committed during the decade-long armed conflict.

Likewise, TRC Chairman Surya Kiran Gurung said the TRC suggested the government to approve the regulations five months ago after holding necessary discussions on the matter.

Gurung added that he hoped the regulations would be approved soon.

In response, admitting the failure of the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction to do needful in this regard, Secretary Ishwori Prasad Paudel said that the Ministry was in favour of the regulations to be approved by the Cabinet soon.