DHANGADHI: Treatment services at the Geta Eye Hospital in Kailali have been affected due to agitation launched by the hospital staff against monopoly of the hospital management.

The services remain halted for a week now causing inconvenience to patients.

Security personnel have been mobilised at the hospital premises for the past few days after treatment services at the hospital disrupted due to agitation.

The staff complained that Hospital Director, Dr Bidhya Prasad Panta, carried out different activities like appointing new employees, providing services and facilities, among others in a monopolistic manner.

The staff started the agitation by halting treatment services demanding reinstatement of a technician, Pushkar Sharma, working at the hospital on contract basis. The hospital management had removed Sharma from service recently.

Earlier, two doctors working at the hospital were also given retirement from their job, said the staff.

They also demanded resignation of Panta citing that he misbehaved them by calling police force to suppress their peaceful agitation. The hospital was established 35 years ago.