Truth and Reconciliation Commission Office set up in Biratnagar

Biratnagar, June 4

A provincial level office of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was set up in Biratnagar today to settle conflict-era cases of Province No 1 in Biratnagar today.

The commission’s was set up to probe various incidents and cases that took place from 1996 to 2006. As many as 6,288 cases have been filed at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission from Province No 1.

Member Manchala Kumari Jha of the commission said that the provincial level office was established to probe into cases registered with the commission.

The commission has started probing cases of human rights violation and crimes against humanity during the Maoist insurgency committed by both the state and Maoist combatants, provide relief to the victims and bring the guilty to justice.

The commission has started investigating conflict-era cases in Province No 1,5 and 6 simultaneously.

Forming a three-member committee led by joint attorney, the commission has launched investigation.

A three-member team led by Joint Attorney Chiranjivi Parajuli of the High Court has begun probing cases registered with the commission in Province No 1. Keshav Neupane and Mina Sedai are the team members. Jha said the team was mandated to submit its report after investigating the cases.