Tuskers trash houses, grains worth millions


Wild elephants from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve destroyed seasonal food grains worth millions and more than half-a-dozen houses at Shambhunath Municipality in Saptari on Saturday.

The tuskers destroyed houses and crops at wards 2 and 7 of the municipality at midnight. Houses belonging to Mohammad Jahanir, Asaraddin, Hajaradin, Simarit Das, Suk Kumar Das, Bhim Das, Raj Kumar Das and Kashi Kumar Das, among others, were destroyed.

The victims said that four to five elephants came at night and destroyed their houses and terrorised the villagers. Mohammad Jahagir said they could not sleep at night and could not eat thinking that the tuskers might take their lives at any time. According to police statistics, wild elephants have destroyed more than two dozen houses in the last six months. The farmers said the elephants had destroyed crops in 100 bigha land. The victims have submitted memorandum after the destruction.

Villagers at Shambhunath Municipality, Kanchanrup Municipality, Surunga Municipality, Saptakoshi Municipality, Khadak Municipality, Hanumannagar Municipality, Rupani Rural Municipality, Krishnasair Krishnasabaran Rural Municipality had submitted memorandums to the local administration demanding compensation year after year.

The farmers said the administration had not taken any initiatives to control the menace.

Ishwor Dahal, a local farmer, said no other work had done other than to chase away the elephants.

Province Lawmaker from Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Govinda Neupane said the federal and province governments’ attention had been drawn to the tusker terror and a solution of the problem would be found.

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