PARBAT: Stakeholders and activists have suggested the Truth and Reconciliation Commission not to grant amnesty to the perpetrators of serious human rights violation taken place during the insurgency period. At an interaction programme here Monday, the civil society leaders and victims said that criminalisation would increase if the perpetrators were pardoned in the name of reconciliation. They opined that anyone involved in the human rights violations should be brought to book after holding thorough investigations. On the occasion, Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Surya Kiran Gurung said that the Commission was in the phase to collect the suggestions for reconciliation between the victims and perpetrators if they lodge applications in the Commission seeking reconciliation. Gurung also urged not to interpret the move as a step for granting amnesty to those involved in serious crimes. Likewise, Member of the Commission Lila Udasi Khanal said that facts would be collected based on the evidences submitted by the victims, from field study, public hearings and other ways.