Twin ponds of Panchthar on verge of extinction

PANCHTHAR: Twin ponds of Panchthar district, which have a religious significance and a potential to attract tourists, is on the verge of extinction.

Due to the construction of roads nearby without proper management, the two ponds named Jorpokhari are at a high risk of disappearance.

The ponds are named Jorpokhari because of the two ponds - Singh and Sida - being together in a stretch of one km.

Different measures have been adopted to conserve it. However, efforts without proper plan have not made any effect yet.

Local people claim that water of the pond is draining because of the land encroachment, construction of road and lack of proper management of the floodwater during the rainy season.

Various government and non-government organisations as well as local people must be conscious for the protection of the pond, they suggest.