Siblings left without appropriate parental care after mother's death in Bajura

KATHMANDU: Two children have been left in a state of uncertainty after their mother died, and on the other hand lost contact with their father, in Swamikartik Rural Municipality-1 of Bajura district.

The siblings have been left without appropriate parental care since their mother Bachchi Luwar died in July and lost contact with father Gorakh Luwar who has been to India in foreign employment, said local residents of Sappata in Swamikartik-1.

Meanwhile, three-year-old Dev Datta Luwar and his six-month-old sister Basanti Luwar are being brought up by Suki Luwar (51), their only grandmother. The poor woman said she had been borrowing cow and buffalo milk from neighbours and other villagers to bring up the grandchildren.

According to local Sumitra Bhandari, the younger child is malnourished as she is suffering from malnutrition.

Suki said she could not consult with doctors and health professionals at the health post since she had to focus on borrowing foods from others to feed her grandchildren and had to manage the way to make living.

Locals lamented that the siblings could not get any benefit or facilities from programmes developed by the government for lactating mothers and newborns.

Talking to THT Bajura correspondent Prakash Singh, local representative of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Binita BK said the siblings left without appropriate parental care and health care were living under the threat of life. She said the children from Dalit community in remote area have yet to get support. She also sought support from various organisations developing programmes for the welfare of children.