Two co-passengers of girl aboard the QA flight, now a COVID-19 patient, found

Nawalparasi, March 25

It has been learnt that two of the co-passengers of the girl, aboard the Qatar Airlines flight on March 17, are from Nawalparasi. The girl had returned from France and a few days later she tested positive for coronavirus.

The finding came to light amidst the government’s preparations to track down all those who had come to Nepal on the March 17 Qatar Airlines flight boarded by the 19-year-old Nepali girl from Kathmandu, who was returning home from France, where she was studying. She was confirmed to have contracted the virus a few days ago.

“Of the two persons, one is a resident of Purbi Nawalparasi and the other of Paschim Nawalparasi,” said Purbi Nawalparasi (Nawalpur) District Police Office spokesperson DSP Birendra Thapa, adding that his office had received the list of all 158 persons who were on board the March 17 QA flight.

“Regarding the man from Paschim Nawalparasi, he was identified as a 32-year-old from Bardaghat Municipality who was in self-quarantine at home. We’re in talks with doctors whether to let him remain in self-quarantine or to take him to a hospital,” Thapa said.

“Regarding the other man, who is learnt to be a resident of Rajahar of Devchuli Municipality but is living in Kathmandu, we’ve informed about the same to the higher authorities,” Thapa added.

The girl diagnosed with coronavirus is undergoing treatment at Sukharaj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Kathmandu.