Two fall prey to dengue fever

Bara, October 28:

Two youths in Santganj of Kabahigoth VDC have died of dengue fever. Pradeep Shah Teli (25) and Dinesh Shah (18) died of the disease yesterday.

Pradeep, who was admitted to a hospital in Motihari of Bihar state in India died while undergoing treatment last night, said Bara secretary of the Nepali Congress Ram Ayodhya Yadav.

Dinesh died at Chhaudadano in India while he was being taken to Motihari for treatment at 8 pm last night. Both Dinesh and Pradeep had been working in Mumbai (India). The two had returned home to celebrate chhath festival on October 23 and October 25 respectively.

Both were suffering from high fever and overall paleness, said a neighbour Thaga Raya Yadav, adding that the Motihari hospital confirmed both died of dengue fever.

Though the symptoms of dengue fever were seen in Ramkshatri Kumhal (30) who returned home from Mumbai a week ago he is staying at home, said locals. The final rites of both Dinesh and Pradeep were performed at Kabahigoth today.