Dharan's ward-17 sealed with high number of infections reported in the area

DHARAN: Dharan sub-metropolitan city's Ward-17 has been sealed upon rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in the area.

Two people from the ward had succumbed to coronavirus infection while undergoing treatment at the Dharan-based BPKHIS, on Sunday.

A 74-year-old woman and a male (60) died this morning with which the Covid-19 death toll in the sub-metropolis has reached five.

"Following the death of two coronavirus diagnosed people who did not have any recorded travel history, ward-17 has been sealed", ward chair Manoj Bhattarai informed.

"Nepal Army personnel  nearby jungle area," Dharan Municipality informed.

"Following the death of the two coronavirus diagnosed people without any recorded travel history, ward-17 has been sealed fearing spread of infection in community," ward chair Manoj Bhattarai said.

According to Umesh Mahato, Chief of Dharan Sub-metropolis' Health Department, 22 persons in the ward have tested positive for the virus, so far. A total of 159 persons have contracted the disease in Dharan.

Out of 19 swab samples collected recently in Dharan, 12 army personnels' result came out positive, Mahato shared.

So far, Nepal has reported 38,561 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 221 deaths across the nation.