Okhaldhunga, April 4 Unified-CPN-Maoist Okhaldhunga has sought the reversal of the verdict given by the Supreme Court over a writ petition filed in connection with cases at the district court of Okhaldhunga. The party, organising a press conference at the district party office, today, made such a demand, identifying the apex court’s verdict as going against the party and its leaders and cadres. Earlier, a case had been filed with the Okhaldhunga district court against 24 Maoist leaders and cadres, accusing them of involvement in the murder of a teacher Guru Luintel during the Maoist insurgency period. In response to the case, the accused had filed a writ at the Supreme Court seeking that the case be scrapped as well as all other conflict era cases identifying them as incidents that happened during the revolution period, about four months ago. The Supreme Court on March 15 had, however, scrapped the writ and decided to take action against the accused. “The case that has been filed with the Okhaldhunga court is bogus, but the apex court’s ruling against the writ to scrap all such cases has been a wrong decision reeking of politics,” argued the Maoist leaders who spoke on the occasion. “The apex court’s decision against the writ over the false cases is unfortunate,” said UCPN-M district Chairperson Baburam Gautam, adding, “In fact this is a plan to disturb peace in the country by reviving conflict era cases. If the verdict is not rectified, we will have no option but to resort to a struggle.”