UDMF cadres clash with police, half dozen hurt

JANAKPURDHAM: Around half a dozen people including the agitators were injured when cadres of agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) clashed with police at Dhalkebar in Dhanusa district at wee hours on Saturday.

The clash flared up when the protesters pelted stones at vehicles including passenger buses being escorted by security forces.

Police shot around 30 rounds of bullets in the air in the incident.

Superintendent of Police Ram Datta Joshi said that they had to open fire to take the tense situation under control.

While window panes of two passenger vehicles were smashed, the agitators also threw petrol bombs at some running vehicles under the escort, it has been reported.

The front claimed that around 11 agitators were injured in the clash and that most of them have sustained injuries from rubber bullets shot by the police.

A driver is said to have sustained deep wounds in his head after being hit by stones by the protesters.