UDMF cadres vandalise press motorcycle

LAHAN: The United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) cadres vandalised a journalist's motorcycle on Saturday in stark contrast to its earlier commitment not to obstruct press, human rights activists, ambulance service and fire engines.

The Front cadres vandalised motorcycle (Sa 6 Pa 8) at 'Sahid Ramesh Mahato Chowk' in Lahan of Siraha district belonging to a journalist Feroj Sheikh affiliated with local 'Saugat FM' and madhesspecial.com.

The cadres had attacked on the motorcycle despite Sheikh's effort to explain them that he was a journalist.

However, after the vandalism, the local leaders of the Front assured him that they would repair the motorcycle,  according to Sheikh.

The Front cadres had been warning through loudspeakers since the early morning that they would not let even a single motorcycle ply the road.

The Front also vandalised two other motorcycles (Ba 67 Pa 7242) and (Ba 61 Pa 1450).