Biratnagar, November 10:

Former deputy prime minister and CPN (UML) standing committee member Bharat Mohan Adhikari has said an allaince with the Maoists in the present circimstances is not possible. But he said talks between the the seven- party alliance and the Maoists at a high level are continuing.

Addressing a meeting of primary cadres of the CPN (UML) at Urlabari here today, Adhikari said his party helped the Maoists achieve their present status. He said the nation is sinking due to the complexities resulting from the wrong steps taken by the King, and added, “The nation’s economy is solely based on remittance.” Alleging that the palace is yearning to draft a constitution for a multi-party panchayat system, he said an intense agitation is needed to foil this conspiracy.

“A black media ordinance was promulgated in Dashain when the rumor was a new constitution would be announced . Now a conspiracy is on to introduce a new constitution after the uproar against the media ordinance cools down”, Adhikari said. His party , he said will embark on a publicity campaign for a democratic republic if an election is held. But the situation now is not conducive to hold an election, he added. The party cadres have suggested to Adhikari that the seven political parties need to move forward with one strategy and agreement and a clear election policy.