UML leader terms House decision on king ‘risky’

Kathmandu, June 15:

Two days after the Parliament agreed on abolishing monarchy by a two-thirds majority, CPN-UML leader Shanker Pokhrel today termed the process “risky.”

“Deciding the fate of monarchy through a constituent assembly is much safer. This could easily usher in a republic,” Pokhrel told an interaction here. Terming the decision of the House an “emergency outlet,” he said the king may still act if the House abolishes the institution as the decision would be taken by parliamentarians and not the people in general.

“The best way to decide on the future of monarchy, therefore, would be through the constituent assembly,” Pokhrel argued. Civil rights campaigner Dr Sundar Mani Dixit said neither the House nor the government can declare a republic here.

“This is merely a ploy of some major political parties to keep people in the dark,” Dixit said. He criticised the NC and the NC (D) for being hell-bent on retaining monarchy. “The House cannot throw monarchy away because the NC and the NC (D) do not want this to happen. PM Girija Prasad Koirala’s party is more keen on keeping the institution.”

Urging the government and the political parties to decide on monarchy at the earliest, Dixit warned that people would be compelled to go against them if this confusion goes on for a long time.

Leader of the Janamorcha Nepal Leela Mani Pokhrel criticised the CPN-UML, the NC and the NC (D) for making a “secret compromise” with the king during Jana Andolan-II.