UML leaders from Tarai report

Chitwan, December 7

CPN-UML lawmakers and leaders representing the Tarai today pointed out that misconceptions among people about contents of the constitution had encouraged the agitation in Madhes.

Speaking at a two-day UML national gathering in Sauraha, participants lamented the difficulty they face reaching villages to make people understand the contents of the statute.

Speaking at the gathering, Bichari Yadav, a UML lawmaker elected from Parsa, accused the selected few Madhesi parties of doing politics in the name of fighting for the rights of Madhes. “As the ‘agitation’ is nothing other than politics for vote, it’s better the major parties resolve the crisis through talks pronto,” he said.

Similarly, Dhanusha’s Ram Awatar Paswan condemned the ‘violence launched by Madhes-based parties in the name of getting their demands addressed. “In fact, if all ethnic communities living here ask for their rights like this, it is sure to jeopardize the unity and sovereignty of the country.

So the agitating parties should be ready to get their demands addressed in an amicable way, by amending the charter rather than imposing a strike and blockade,” he said.

While another CA member from Dhanusha, Shital Jha blamed the dilly-dallying of the three major parties in forging a common stance to address the demands of the Tarai agitation for the worsening condition there, Rautahat’s lawmaker Lalbabu Yadav demanded that the parties do the needful to inform the residents of the Tarai, the hills and the mountains about the constitution and its contents.

“Presently, there is misgiving among the people about the constitution. The same can’t be cleared until the parties run a campaign of sorts to educate people about the constitution,” he said, criticising the tendency among leaders to turn to leaders and governments of other countries to get their internal problems solved.

Lawmaker Minadevi Yadav of Morang also underscored the need to make people in the Tarai understand the constitution and its contents.

A total of 42 CA members from the Tarai representing the party in the region are participating in the gathering.