‘UML not in favour of amending statute’

Morang, September 17

CPN-UML Vice-chairperson Bam Dev Gautam today clarified that his party was not in favour of amending the constitution at present.

Speaking to journalists at Biratnagar Airport today, Gautam said that implementation of the statute was the need of the hour instead of amendment. “The constitution must not be amended just to appease a few Madhes-based parties and their leaders. As the constitution was drafted and promulgated lawfully, it should be properly executed,” he said.

“Statute can be amended as per necessity, but the CPN-UML doesn’t agree with the ruling CPN-Maoist Center, the Nepali Congress and Madhesi forces,” said Gautam.

On a different note, CPN-UML leader Gautam argued that the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority can investigate graft cases against any person or party.