‘UML will win Bharatpur-19 re-election’

Chitwan, August 3

CPN-UML Vice-chairperson Bhim Rawal expressed confidence that voters of Ward No 19 of Bharatpur metropolis would elect his party’s candidate to the post of mayor in the re-election.

“In fact, people had already given their verdict by voting for him (Gyawali) overwhelmingly. Now that a re-election is to happen, I hope people will renew their trust in him and our party,” said the UML leader, speaking at a press conference organised by Press Chautari Chitwan in Bharatpur Airport today.

Further, the UML leader also pointed out that there was no option to electing his party to the mayoral post also for the development of the metropolis. “On the one hand, people have to establish that election can’t be won by misusing state power; while on the other, they have to guarantee development in their area. This will be possible only when Gyawali is elected,” he said.

Rawal suggested that provincial and parliamentary elections should be held at one go. “Holding election in two phases means more expenses, so it will be better to hold both elections at one go, also in view of the fact that now the clock is ticking,” he said, adding that shelving the elections on any pretext would be detrimental for

the country, hence, unacceptable.

The UML leader also claimed that his party would stand first in the upcoming third round of civic polls in Province 2.