UML’s support must to form gov: Minister

ITAHARI: State minister for General Administration Jitu Gautam (Nepali) today said that the Unified CPN-Maoist was incapable of forming a government without the support of the CPN-UML.

Speaking at an interaction organised by the Nepal Utpidit Jatiya Mukti Samaj in Itahari, Minister Gautam said the government was not unconstitutional as claimed by the Maoists.

Stating that the government was committed to draft the new constitution on time and take the peace process to a logical conclusion, Gautam said, “The government will implement its programmes and policies at any cost.”

He said that the UCPN-M could not tolerate to see the government led by CPN-UML and urged the Maoists to stop their anarchic activities. He emphasised the need of commitment of all the political parties for the smooth running of the government to fulfill the aspirations of the people.

He informed that the CPN-UML was preparing to form a national unity government under its leadership.

Minister Gautam, who is also the central general secretary of the Nepal Utpidit Jatiya Mukti Samaj, admitted that bureaucracy had yet to be made inclusive.

Referring to the protests on the government’s decision to provide one lakh rupees in cases of inter caste marraige between the Dalits, he said that it was a programme introduced for the welfare of the Dalits.