UN team in Chulachuli for PLA soldiers’ verification

Damak, March 20:

A team from the United Nations has arrived in the Maoist People’s Liberation Army First Division Headquarters at Chulachuli of Ilam to make necessary arrangements to start the verification of PLA personnel.

“The 30-member UN team reached the headquarters yesterday to make necessary arrangements for the accommodation of UN’s military experts. The team has started constructing tents for 80 UN experts, who will arrive soon and start the verification of the PLA soldiers at Chulachuli,” the commander of the headquarters, Parwana, said.

He said the verification process would start next week or so. A month ago, the UN officials had registered a total of 3,333 PLA personnel in the Chulachuli headquarters and three sub-camps and had locked up their 340 weapons in containers at the headquarters.

Registration of 10 PLA men from the Chulachuli headquarters, who were not registered earlier, was done in Kathmandu recently, Parwana said.

A 14-member task force comprising ex-Gurkha soldiers is deployed to guard the containers, which have cameras and sirens installed on them.