Underpasses to prevent wildlife death along Narayangadh-Muglin road

CHITWAN: One of the busiest roadways in the country, the Narayangadh-Muglin road section in Chitwan district now has wildlife-crossings to save critters from becoming road kill.

Citing that animals in the region die in numbers as they collide with speeding vehicles, particularly during night, the road project has built four underpasses to aid animals commute across.

Moreover, the road banks are now being equipped with barbed wire fences disallowing any critter to put itself at risk attempting to cross the busy road section after recent expansion.

According to Environmental Expert and a member of project’s consultant team, Janak Raj Pathak, the project has given special attention to wildlife and environmental concerns during and after execution of the expansion project.

Safety of critters was considered important as wild life from Chitwan National Park commute through the Bhandar Khal Forests to nearby surrounding along the road, Pathak added.

As a result, four underpasses have been built along the road section in Aaptari, Ram Nagar and Bhateri region which witness relatively high flow of commuting critters.

Moreover, the underpasses are equipped with surveillance cameras for constant monitoring. Likewise, to prevent the wild life from crossing the road section surrounded by forest, the project is fencing 1.3 kilo metres with barbed wire.