RAJBIRAJ, July 22 Locals have been in fear after two women died within four days due to an unidentified disease at Ramnagar, Kodarkatti VDC, in Saptari. The deceased have been identified as Sunita Devi Sada, 30, and Makhani Devi Sada, 55, of the VDC. Sunita was taken to a hospital in Biratnagar for treatment after she complained of dizziness on July 17. She died in the hospital the next day. Similarly, Makhani Devi died after she had a headache followed by vomiting. She had fallen unconscious at her house on the same day. A local, Ram Bihari Sada, said that both women had complained of the same symptoms. He further added that as many as 25 persons of the VDC have shown the same symptoms of headache, vomiting and dizziness among others. “The villagers are panicking as the unidentified disease might have emerged as an epidemic in the village,” he added. It is said that mostly women have falling prey to the disease. Senior Public Health Administrator Bijaya Kumar Jha said that in-charge Mohammad Ayub was deployed from  Area Health Post in Bodebarsain immediately after the office was informed about the incident. According to Ayub, Sunita was suffering from brain tumour while Mukhani Devi had been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.