Unidentified gang tries to capture ballotboxes, 16-round bullets fired in air in Mugu

KATHMANDU: The security personnel opened at least 16-round of bullets in air to disperse a mob after an unidentified gang tried to capture a ballotbox at Dhankot in Mugu district on Sunday.

The District Administration Office Mugu said Armed Police Force Inspector deputised at the polling centre Bishnu Prasad Aryal was hurt in the incident after the mob tried to take ballotboxes under their control.

The incident occurred while the security forces were collecting ballotboxes to sent to the District Election Office at the district headquarters.

Meanwhile, it has been learned that the ballotboxes is said to be safe and heavily guarded.

Today, Nepal witnessed the first phase of House of Representatives and State Assembly elections in 32 hilly and mountainous districts across the nation.