Unification of party at lower levels soon: NCP (NCP) Co-chair Dahal

KATHMANDU: Chairman of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said unification of the party in the province and district levels would be concluded soon.

During a greetings exchange programme organised by the communist party's Pyuthan-Kathmandu Liaison Forum on the occasion of approaching Dashain festival, here today, Chairman Dahal, also the former prime minister claimed, “Party unity will be strengthened. Discussion was held with the Prime Minister yesterday. The next meeting being held tomorrow will settle the unification of the sister organisations of the party.”

According to him, interaction was held with various sections on the performance of the government. “We review the activities of the government for its effectiveness. But all of us are together. There is no dilemma on country’s prosperity, social justice and good governance.”

The former prime minister further said people voted for the party for country’s development, so unity within party is imperative.

According to him, a special political situation has emerged now after long struggle and sacrifice, so further challenges should be faced to realise its value.

On the occasion, NCP (NCP) secretariat member Bam Dev Gautam said he would devote himself to prosperity of people as per the commitment he made before the public.