UDMF, NSN to forge working alliance

Kathmandu, January 19

A meeting of the United Democratic Madhesi Front and Naya Shakti Nepal today decided to forge working alliance on constitutional and political issues.

According to General Secretary of National Madhes Socialist Party Keshav Jha, who was present in the meeting, a taskforce comprising members from the Federal Alliance and Naya Shakti Nepal will sit tomorrow to prepare their joint paper on constitutional issues. General Secretary of Sadbhawana Party Manish Kumar Suman said both sides agreed that they wanted to see passage of a revised constitution amendment bill for which they could collaborate.

Suman said the UDMF leaders still had some doubt about former prime minister Baburam Bhattarai and Coordinator of Naya Shakti Nepal who signed the constitution that the Madhesi leaders protested against. “There is a crisis of confidence. Let’s see how far both forces can go,” Suman said.