UDMF not to accept Big three parties’ decision to create local bodies

Kathmandu, September 26

The United Democratic Madhesi Front today decided that it would not accept the three major parties’ decision to create more than 900 local bodies equal to the areas ( Ilakas) as practised in the past.

Sadbhawana Party Chair Rajendra Mahato, who attended the UDMF meeting said they decided not to accept elections unless their demands were addressed.

Mahato said the UDMF also decided to remind the prime minister about the need for immediately tabling a constitutional amendment bill in the Parliament. “We have decided that the top UDMF leaders will meet the PM and remind him of the need to table a constitutional amendment bill soon as per the spirit of the three-point agreement,” Mahato added.

He said the UDMF was not happy with the government because it had not met other demands such as withdrawing false cases against cadres of the front and declaring 16 more victims as martyrs.

Another UDMF leader said that if local bodies were created equal to the number of areas as practised in the past, that would again not ensure representation by population. “When there were areas in the past, Madhes only had around 300 Areas,” the leader added.